eliminate leaks

Blower-Door Testing:

The largest controllable component of heat loss in a home is infiltration. It can be argued that the single most important thing you can do to your home (new or existing) is to eliminate leaks in the envelope.


Energy Innovations offers blower-door testing for any residence. We can simply show up, fire up the blower-door, and walk around to detect leaks. You can note these locations and fix them! Simple as that.


An additional opportunity exists if a blower-door test is completed before the drywall is installed on a new home. Plugging holes is much easier before drywall is installed.


Duct-Blaster Testing:

Duct leakage is a major concern in buildings. If ducts are leaky, warm or cool air doesn’t reach where it’s supposed to go. Also, leaky ducts in certain cavities of a building can provide leakage pathways directly to the outdoors. Even worse, leaks in ducts can lead to health issues in a building. By operating a duct-blaster, Energy Innovations can point out problem areas and suggest techniques for duct sealing.